We are so proud to be agent for :

  • Bulgar Eden Post Tensioning System in Egypt.
  • Kyowa Measuring Instruments in Egypt and Africa.
  • Somma International Bearing & Expansion Joints in Egypt and Africa.


Bulgar Eden

Throughout our agency for BULGER EDEN, CONTRA provides various post tensioning solutions for different uses such as slabs, bridges, external post tensioning and ground anchors


Throughout our agency for Kyowa, CONTRA provides offer a wide range of products such as: Strain gauges, transducers, measuring instruments, data processing units, measuring systems and software.

• Somma International

Being the sole agent for SOMMA INTERNATIONAL, CONTRA provides several types of bearings and expansion joints for different construction uses including:

– Elastomeric, Pot, Spherical, and Cylindrical Bearings.
– Elastomeric, Finger and Modular Expansion Joints